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The Beekeeper

My name is Nicole I am afro-latinX (A Black woman of Puerto Rican descent) and with a longtime fascination with bees decided to become a beekeeper to do my part in helping these wonderful insects. I took the course at Rutgers University and then began assisting the Rutgers agriculture dept on their hives. While working with them I decided I wanted to do more and also become an educator on honey bees and expose young black and brown children who look like me to another great field to work in, because REPRESENTATION IS SO IMPORTANT. My hives are located on the roof of my home and at a local animal hospital where they allow me to use their property. In the beekeeping trade I also do hive installations, assist other beekeepers with their hives, private lessons, swarm rescues and harvest honey. Beekeeping is a big part of my life, but not my entire life, I am a MOTHER and WIFE. I enjoy trying different restaurants, going to music venues and of course coffee. Thank you for following me and hope you enjoy my pictures on this journey called life. Please remember be good to each other, love conquers hate and Black Lives Matter