Our honey is a natural organic raw honey, made by North American bees.100% certified, unprocessed, unpasteurized, and kosher. Bees on Main St. is dedicated to producing the highest quality of pure honey.

True 12 oz jar of sweet delicious raw honey Spring source : wild flowers and White Dutch clovers, Local trees | Summer Source: cone flowers, ivy and wild flowers, local trees

Private Lessons

Our hands-on Beekeeping Lesson is the fastest, best way to gain the basic skills and knowledge to become a beekeeper. You will learn about beekeeping tools, hive equipment, and basic bee biology. As you work hives alongside our Bee Expert you will learn to assess and know what actions to take when working your bees.

If you are a beginner beekeeper on the south jersey and Philadelphia area and are in need of educational and mentor assistance, we can show you how to properly inspect and care for your colony. It's one on one lessons and we are here to assist with any questions or concerns you may have. This will include unlimited access, and we can be contacted at any time with questions or concerns. Our mentorship provides the support and confidence needed to continue on your beekeeping journey.

Swarm Removal

If you think you have bees or wasp on your property, it is best to call a professional first! To have bees or wasps removed from your property book an appointment with Bees on Main St. Feel great about helping the bees, and keeping your home bee-free

If you are in the South Jersey and Philadelphia area and are in need of a swarm rescue,Please don't panic or spray the hive. We can safely remove the colony and make sure it will be safe and properly cared for.


The Educational Presentations are so much fun and the children are always super engaged and excited to learn. The Presentation information is basic bee facts, roles and jobs inside the hive along with facts on how they pollinate.
With our hand on games and educational tools, along with Bees on Main St. portable observation hive with live bees. Great for kids parties as well. During this time of the pandemic of covid-19 all in person presentations have been canceled however virtual presentations are available as well.


There is so much to learn with beekeeping, it can be overwhelming! If you really want to be the best beekeeper you can be, you need a teacher who understands beekeeping and knows how to explain it simply and clearly so that you can put the information to use.

Bees on Main St. Beekeeping services include hive assistance and maintenance, if you are a local beekeeper in the area and are in need of assistance, need some time off, we can help. We also can assist you on a thorough inspection.